Sasa Batnozic – voc, guitar
A son of a Croatian Serb and a Bosnian born in 1975. As native Nuremberger, his cultural trace runs mainly through the Middle Franconian art and music scene. He was a founding member of the Brückenfestival and initiator of the two bands „Sale“ and „Die Gilde des guten Geschmacks“. He became known with the latter through the setting to music of the poems and song lyrics of the Franconian lyricist Fitzgerald Kusz.

Jürgen Heimüller – voc, cajon, accordeon, mouth trombone
Born autodidact. Never studied much, but always made music. Piano, guitar, vocals, his own studio. Rock, chanson, film music, theater music, small orchestral pieces.
Later he became an actor and since then he lives mostly from theatre. Plays in movies, sometimes television, radio plays. For some years he has been writing and shooting films himself, winning the „German Short Film Award“ in 2019.
And rushing restlessly between Berlin and Nuremberg.

Martin Zels – voc, harp, melodica, toy piano, mouth trombone
Studied classical music and jazz.
Worked for many years in Nuremberg as composer, author, musician, conductor and actor. He also directed a theatre, led a choir, and did his mischief between all chairs…
Studied astrology, family constellations and reincarnation therapy. …with great effort.
Today he lives in a wagon on the Austrian Danube, writes books and music there. Heals, himself and others – and is as smart as ever.

Flo Kenner – voc, banjo, percussion, mouth trombone
Born sometime in the mid-eighties in Nuremberg, is a freelance musician, performer, composer, music producer, sound engineer, lighting designer and eternal troublemaker.
Has been active for fifteen years in the theatre scene of the so-called Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg and on Europe-wide guest performances. He is also active in other bands such as „Smokestack Lightnin’“ or „The Mergers“, works regularly as a music producer (e.g. for „Ton Steine Scherben“) and sometimes composes songs for plays.
Has a weakness for timing and crappy instruments and claims not to be able to read notes.

Alex Bayer – voc, double bass
His musical paths have always been unconventional. Even as a boy he refused to learn the recorder, and since he was not able to play music in the usual way, he created a multitude of works for computers and his parents’ tool cellar. Via the guitar he later found his way to the bass and studied music in Nuremberg.
He loves rhythmic asymmetries, the tonal urge for freedom and when art tells us something about ourselves that we did not know until then.
Countless performances with Nils Wogram, Rudi Mahall, Monika Roscher, Kinderzimmer Productions and others have taken him all over Europe.