Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed audience!

An entertainment company, they say, in which artists, magic and clowning play a role, is a circus. And what is a circus without music? In the show, people laugh and cry, sometimes dance or fall off their chairs. Because something succeeds that was always impossible. Because something is missing that was always there. Songs that make you fly. And make you love, or die. Drink. All of it.

An entertainment business is our circus, a family music business. Forged in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, made from five strays of different size and maturity. Serbo-Croatian, Franconian, Lower Bavarian, Polish, lunar and Atlantic roots.

Fools and poets. Nothing’s refundable here, but an open horizon is waiting, promised! Life is only a starting point. And the exit, you rags?

In front, behind, as always. Otherwise, all uncertain… period.